Panos Kouros is artist and art theorist, Professor for Art in Architecture at the University of Patras. His research focuses on contemporary public art, archive art practice and performance, ruin aesthetics and politics of memory, institutional critique, education as art project. His works establish platforms and scenaria for dialogical-archival actions in specific urban situations and institutional contexts. They have been extensively published and presented in many art venues in the US, Greece, Germany, Mexico, China, Italy, UK and other countries. He has proposed the idea of performative archiving action, which he developed in research and curatorial programs such as Archive Public (2012, Karatheodori basic research program, University of Patras) and in a series of art projects, such as Mnemeden (Thessaloniki, 2001-02), Locus Solus Public: Conversations Curatives (London, 2009), Adopting the Archive of Contemporary Greek Art Institute (Athens, 2012), Holidays in Greece (Berlin, 2012). He has been Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), MIT, at the Institute of Cultural Studies and the Department of Musicology and Media Science at Humboldt University. He is co-founder of Gregorios Pharmakis plural person and member of Urban Void urban action collective. He taught at the Department of Architecture, MIT and other Universities. Ph.D. in Architecture. He has published articles and research papers on contemporary art in Greek and international scientific journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. He has published, among other, the books: Archive Public: Performing Archives in Public Art. Topical Interpositions, 2012. Acts of Uttering-together, 2008. Constructing the Public Sphere: Topical Works 2002-07, 2007.


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