Performative poetry actions at CAVS, 1989-1993

Panos Kouros, Performative poetry actions at CAVS, 1989-1993

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Performative poetry actions at CAVS, 1989-1993 is an incomplete archive of projects, documents, proposals, produced by CAVS Fellow-poets in the course of investigations on performative poetry and the relations between active text and civic/somatic space. Research projects, courses, and discussions connected poetry actions to the art, culture and technology question in the specific historical context at the beginning of 90’s. Research projects, such as Retinal Poetry (Elizabeth Goldring) and Ruinarchitecture (Panos Kouros) focused on blindness and the ruin to produce (con)textual works that allowed readers to generate meanings through a set of relations in language and space. The course Poetics of Visual Language for Specific Environments, taught at MIT in Spring 1991, focused on the city, the ruin and environment of war; the eye, the brain, and reflexive/ gestural systems as generators and receptors of visual language. The book Center Poems (1991) was the result of an open call to CAVS Fellows to provide examples of visual language for specific environments.


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