city seed refuge – a project



What is an architecture of archive in the age of digital reproduction? How spread and circulation rather than stock and withdrawal from the public domain can be used as strategies for conservation? Are global hermetic archive installations, such as “Doomsday Vault” in Svalbard islands (image 3) and Corbis Iron Mountain, powerful machines for mass control? What kind of living archive can we design to counteract the global seed banks of preservation? In what ways apocalyptic narrations inform the constitution of mega-archives and biopolitical design? What are the possibilities of resistance to the calculative methods of “disaster capitalism” and the “ethics of probability” that are imposed by models of diagnosis / statistics from governments and markets? Are there alternatives? Can multiplied wastelands in global shrinking cities be used to create wild (extra-cultural) communicating corridors? If cultural scenarios are used to de-politicize these ‘experimental’ urban wastelands, what artistic tools must be put forward to re-politicize them?


a project by Panos Kouros and Susanne Gerber. The Berlin talks are a parallel action to the greek archiving proposal “The Ark. Old Seeds for New Cultures” at the Venice Architectural Biennale 2010.


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