Pharmakis: The Talk.

The plural person Gregorios Pharmakis presented The Talk, a 10 minute thatrical act. The work was written in common: it is published here in the written version that was given to the actor for the presentation. The work was directed to be played in the Philosophy Congress, making use of the central mechanism of role distribution that is evident in a Congress, that is the scheduled occupation of the podium by the speaker. In this specific case, a speaker spoke with a multiple voice. The speaker was the member of the working team, Marianthi Pandelopoulou. Τhe utterance was delivered in parallel to a projection of a short movie made by Pharmakis. This movie is produced by accumulation of zoomed fragments of existing films. For example, in a scene from the film “Claire’s knee”, a framing is constructed which contains the background of the actions of the heroes and an insignificant movement outside the centre of attention that the film proposes.


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