locus solus public: conversations curatives

locus solus public: conversations curatives

London, April 27 – May 1, 2009

Conversations curatives (talking cure) is an active role for Canterel. Conversations curatives is a found Locus-solus phrase used here as a critical notion to destabilize locus, solus, and representation. Locus solus public produces a shifting space of proximity between invited actors, social spaces in Elephant & Castle, and Roussel’s novel Locus-solus. It evolves around walking sessions and writing recensions. The actors perform walking sessions within a conflicting, gentrified area of London (Elephant & Castle). Passing through successive loci, they steal and distill local data (textual findings, discussions with residents, readings in libraries of autonomous spaces, attendance in collective activities) as they intersect with locus-solus fragments and very personal histories. During the walking sessions, wiki-works are undertaken. A conversations_curatives-wiki is a writing/erasing surface (like Freud’s wunderblok) that accumulates (revised) texts and performs them as part of personal uttering programs. Roussel’s narration as here interpreted as a mnemonic construction, a memory theatre: a walk in successive loci (spaces in a garden) where extraordinary events/machines stand out. At the same time, a process of forgetting is at work, based on successive concealments, on transformed signifiers that confuse any groundwork. Roussel’s methods of language construction and his mnemotechnic obsessions are essential for these wiki recension acts.

Anyone can participate:
a) in walking sessions starting at 11 at elephant & castle tube, 28/4, 29/4, 30/4, 1/5
b) in wiki recension works (after 1/5, to be announced)

In the frame of Locus Solus project at Shunt Vaults, Locus solus public: conversations curatives project will perform field and net works in the city, all day from April 28 to May 1, 2009.

The project is organized by Panos Kouros – Laboratory for Visual Arts, Department of Architecture, University of Patras, under the auspices of Locus Solus Intermedia Project, Out of the Box.

Working team: Panos Kouros with Elena Chronopoulou, Nora Demjaha, Giota Dimitropoulou, Athena Kokla.


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