HOSPI-TABLE: The Architecture of Human Meetings Today

We seek video-talk contributions on the Architecture of meetings and meeting-places today or maybe tomorrow.

All video-talk contributions will form a “table” in a YouTube Channel, around which this year’s Summer Workshop “hospi – table : the Architecture of meetings and meeting places” will be evolved.

We invite artists, architects, philosophers to deliver a 30 seconds to 6 minutes small talk. The emphasis will be put on the diverse conditions of meeting in real space or in the internet and on changes taking place, or anticipated in the post network meeting tables. The KAM hospi-table workshop will examine possibilities of the same questioning in Chania, Crete, during the period of August 8-14, 2007.

We will need your contribution uploaded until August 8. The oral character is the most important factor so please note that we would like to grasp a quick, spontaneous reaction of yours about the topic. If your statement is given in english or in french our work will be easier. Your name will be tagged and linked to your short film.

We are asking for a white background small video film showing you delivering an improvised or read talk or statement. The video has to be uploaded in youtube. The quality of the video is not important if the sound is clear.

To upload your video use the address
hospitablechannel in youtube
user name: hospitablechannel
password: 0hospitable1

A next round of Hospi-table talks will take place after the end of the Workshop. Next deadline is August 30th.

The KAM hospi-table working group

HOSPI-TABLE: The Architecture of Human Meetings Today

The Hospi-Table Workshop explores the structure of today’s concept of meeting in architectural terms. This choice seeks to question the conventional empirical area and the internet digital area at the same time. The assumption of an in situ workshop is altered in reference to the Internet. Thus, the workshop will be hosted in a meeting area organized between real and internet space. To be more precise, dwelling between the real and internet meeting area is achieved through the mediation of a table. The theme is the concept of Meeting in general and the object, the “table”, organizes the reference to the hosting of a meeting. The headquarters of the workshop are in the Chania Grand Arsenal. The reference areas are a number of “topoi” in Chania with conventional meeting tables, and also various internet meeting areas (mailing lists, collaboration platforms, collective content pools, Second Life, etc.).

The objective is to create projects (constructions and speeches) dealing with the concept of meeting under current conditions. Teaching is not the main objective of the workshop; it is collaboration for the production of small works. These works will be organized and situated at various internet locations.

The Hospi-Table Workshop is initiated by Aristide Antonas, Panos Kouros and Filippos Oreopoulos and hosted by the Center for Mediterranean Architecture (KAM) in Chania, Crete, Greece. The Hospi-Table Workshop is based on a concept by Gregorios Pharmakis plural person. [ ]

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